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Gold & Black Cascading Body Necklace

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SKU: NEC-3041

€112,95 EUR
  • Beautifully beaded high collar body necklace.
  • Primary color is black with gold beads placed throughout a harness-like shaped cascading design with a flat beaded design with diamond shaped accents down the middle, side and front of neck.
  • The fit of this necklace is a high choker with delicate loop details draping down the chest, surrounding the arms and curving towards the back.
  • Full body necklace measurements are as follows: Front is approximately 16 inches long (measured from top of the choker neckline down the front of torso ending at the middle beaded loop at the end of the diamond design). Side is approximately 28 inches long (measured from shoulder and down the arm ending at the longest beaded shoulder drape) and diameter of the portion just around the neck is approximately 5 inches (measured when closed using the middle toggle / loop).
  • The back closure is made from a beaded toggle that can fit into 3 different loops to adjust diameter around the neck.  The design is finished with a beaded 2 rope designs that connects the delicate loop details draping down the back and joining at the lower back.
  • Bead color can slightly vary due to screen resolution on devices.
  • Bead color placement may slightly vary.
  • When putting this body necklace on yourself, assistance may be needed due to the intricate detail of this necklace.  Having assistance from a second person will lessen the chance of damaging the necklace.



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