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Large Open Tusk Brass Bracelet

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SKU: BRA-1032

$36.99 USD
  • Brass bracelet from Nairobi, Kenya.  This bracelet is handmade by independent tribal designers in Nairobi, Kenya. 
  • This bracelet is approximately 2.5 inches in diameter with an approximate 1.5 inch opening and is slightly bendable to fit most wrist sizes. 
  • Bend this bracelet slowly with caution to fit the opening to the side of your wrist only once & only if needed.  To put this bracelet on wiggle it onto the side of your wrist.  To take this bracelet off slide it on the side of the wrist and wiggle off.  Do not bend after the first fitting.
  • This bracelet is perfect for someone with medium to large wrist.

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