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Multicolored Maasai Necklace

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SKU: NEC-3018

$89.99 USD
  • Beautifully handcrafted Maasai Necklace.
  • This necklace is made of various colors of beads.  The main beads throughout the necklace are seed beads with a vertical row of "octagon like" shaped beads cascading down the middle of the necklace.  Tube shaped beads frame the necklace on the inner row and outer row of beads. Half inch aluminum coins are placed perfectly throughout the necklace that gives of a slight "wind chime" sound when the necklace moves.  The perfect sound of peace.
  • Maasai Necklace measurements are as follows: Necklace is approximately 18.5 inches long (measured from necklace closure while necklace is flat).  Necklace is approximately 6 inches wide (measured at the starting point of middle row of "octagon like" shaped beads).
  • The necklace closure is a 2 button snap closure.  (The button closure does contain nickel).  The back closure may slightly vary from photo.
  • Bead color placement varies with each necklace.

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